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Watsu & Aquatic-Flow Intensiv

22. - 29. August 2019 im Seminarzentrum Sonnenstrahl            88353 Kißlegg        

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Watsu Reflection By Eryn Hampson Session

Wasser ist ein heilendes Medium. Die Wärme des Wassers bietet uns den notwendigen Raum für Regeneration. Beim Watsu finden wir die Stille um auf unserer Lebensreise gewonnene Erkenntnisse und Eindrücke zu verarbeiten, zu ordnen und zu Integrieren.. Wir benötigen ab und an eine inspirierende Raststädte und ein Auftanken neuer Energie.

Watsu ist wie eine natürliche Tankstelle. Hier finden wir den zurück zum Wesentlichen. Nähe, Wärme und Geborgenheit. Seelennahrung. Vertrauen in das Neue und Unbekannte.

Als ich im Januar 2009 mit meiner Frau Rachana Harold Dull in Mexiko besuchte, durften wir Watsu an einem der schönsten Orte auf dieser Erde machen.

In einem Pool direkt am Meer. In den sechs Tagen des Trainings führte Harold uns zurück zu den Wurzel von Watsu. 3,5 Stunden Shiatsu und 4 Stunden Watsu und das jeden Tag. Durch diese integrative Körperarbeit findet jeder Mensch zurück zum Fluss des Lebens.

In diesem sanft dahingleitenden Fluss wird Realität Multidimensional. Man sitzt am richtigen Ort und trifft die richtigen Menschen.

Eine weitere Watsu Geschichte die das Leben schrieb. Am 08. Januar 2009 am Strand von Yelapa in Mexiko traf ich Eryn Hamson, eine 26 Jahre junge Amerikanerin aus Kalifornien. Wir kamen ins Gespräch. Sie hatte von Watsu gehört. Ist Kalifornien ja die Wiege des Watsu. Sie versprach mir einen Bericht dieser Session per Mail zu senden.

The winter solstice part of the gypsy travels had taken me deep into the dark indeed. I had become lost in order to rediscover my spiritual guidance, and as the sun began its slow return, so did I, and I found myself once again in the sanctuary village of Yelapa, meandering along the Oceanside trail.

Still in shock from my intensely challenging recent experiences a couple of hours north, I knew that I needed peaceful space to heal and be alone. Returning to the world, after what seemed like leaving it for a lifetime, my inklings of transformation and magical ocean connection were coming back exponentially, and a sharp urgency within had me wide awake beneath the full moon and just before sunrise every morning.

The signs and symbols around me made my heart pound, and while I felt my re-connecting to the ocean and the natural world, I was also afraid of the transformation I was being called for, still eluding me as to its meaning and my capability. The pendulum had just swung from one extreme and now had entered another. I knew that my place of renewal would be, as it always had been, in water and ocean energy.

It must have been meant to be then that the day that I went into town for some groceries, I met Wolfgang on the street and we made an appointment for an aquatic bodywork session at Casa Sirena. One synchronicity after another found me meeting with him a couple of days later at high tide as the waves splashed over the wall where we convened beside the warm healing waters of the Watsu pool.

I realized being there how much fear my recent experiences had brought up around trusting men and allowing myself to be held in a nurturing way by a man. A vulnerable and ungrounded part of me had come alive and wanted to be recognized. I felt irrational and timid like an unsettled little girl.

Wolfgang reassured me of the purity of his work and his intentions, and then calmly went through the process of what to expect from the session. I breathed deep and trusted deep down that all would be well.

Upon entering the warm pool beside the ocean bay, already fears and anxieties melted away. I took a deep breath of the fresh ocean air and relaxed. When Wolfgang came into the pool, he set my knees and ankles up with flotation, and I began my fluid dance of letting go. Water as my key element, I was able to begin with my trust and love for its divinity, and then transfer those things gradually over to Wolfgang and to myself.

I felt for the first time in a long while, that there was no rush; that all things would come in time; that there was nowhere that I needed to be except present. The genuine self of me observed like an outsider my thoughts and fears, and let them flow and ebb like the ever pulsing waves rocking beside me. Slowing down, letting go, self in flow with all…one moment I was being held by my father.

He was cradling me and giving me the needed gentle nurturing from childhood to womanhood. Another moment, the ocean mother was holding me, and the dolphin spirits so present in my dream world were dancing me, showing me the way. I could hear the sea tumbling rocks against the other side of the pool’s wall, and I was one with them; tumbling, flowing, purified again.

Each breath deep and potent, each exhale releasing, relax. Timeless, formless; only fluidity and tranquil rest. Gradually, the breaths I took in my own time brought me gently under, and encompassed me by the watery womb, where I felt like I could sleep forever and was finally home.

Old paintings and dreams of breathing or sleeping beneath the ocean came to me, all watery memories connecting like a river and flowing together as one pathway. Underwater, I was taken back to lakes and rivers as a little girl, where I swam and danced with my mermaid shadow upon the bottom. Scales bloom across skin rocked in body’s boat, danced in rhythmic silence and undertone of water spirit.

From flying through the sea with my powerful tail to rocking to rest on the mother’s breast, timelessness became the hour and infinity the second hand…Gentle pressure to a hinge relaxed the limbs’ tension uniting in my back. A massaged point freed a new current of movement, until my dancer’s body was inseparable from the fluid embracing me.

After the session ended and I was alone in the pool, the altered sense of self observing self continued. I was floating the endless seas of a watery world of consciousness; inhaling into sky beginning, and exhaling stale breath completely, sinking down, down, down, a moment becoming a lifetime…gently settling upon the bottom, like a seal deflated holding.

For the first time that I can recall, instead of holding onto my inhale, I let go of the hold and rested endlessly with the exhale, the only sound the rush and pull of ocean stones pouring against the outer wall. No desires unmet; nurtured by the moment of fulfilment and peace; an embryo in the womb of all; a seed sleeping beneath the snow; stillness with a heartbeat.

A soft nudge of knowing, and eyes unpeeled, arms and legs outstretched. Slowly I rose up heart first to the re-birthing into the world, one thread of consciousness leading the rest in direction. And the fear of what was within me, of what I needed to channel and become, all but washed away with a calm knowing. I felt what I had always been as one with who I was and would become.

All comes in time and evolving is in no frantic rush to emerge. My mer-self was re-integrated into my mosaic of other parts, and just as each piece of sunlight casts shadow, each aspect of being felt one with its dark side. My urgency had been a signpost not towards a drastic leap into a mysterious other, but rather towards a necessary truth of wholeness; an integration of oneness excluding nothing.

A dark side of my imagination and spirit world revealed, that I could go farther in every direction, just as the deeper the sorrow carves, the greater space for joy to be filled. And each doorway has many keys. This water therapy Watsu session helped to unlock one passageway leading to the next, and shed a necessary layer, how a reptile skin or the bark of a tree gives way to transformation.

Fear of transformation may hold me back from taking the leap of faith into the river of life, but there is nothing to fear but fear itself. When change is the only constant and love is my only intention, all I can do is take one step at a time and pour trust and gratitude to the great unknown, knowing that the one I am searching for is within.

Water helps me know that all you see and think is beautiful is a reflection of yourself. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Like river to rain to blood to sea, all is one, and one is all.

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